Transfer Application

Transfer Application- Your second chance to get in your dream college!

Some students transfer after attending community college for financial reasons or because their current college does not match up with their expectations. Whatever your need, IvyBoost will work with you to develop the transfer plan that is suited for you.

Service Process

IvyBoost’s Transfer Application Service Process includes
  1. Assess the transfer applicant
  2. Determine the transfer application time
  3. Create list of transfer colleges
  4. Plan the  transfer curriculum
  5. Guide transfer application
  6. Guide transfer interviews
  7. Analyze school results
  8. Make final decision on the new transfer school


What is your motivation for transferring?
Is your current college really not suitable for you?
Is it a good idea for you to transfer schools?
Do you have a good understanding of which school and which location you will transfer to?
If you are changing your major, will you love the new major you select?
Are there specific requirements for transferring to a school and a major program?
After you finish studying, what are the opportunities for employment or higher education after your transfer?
How many of your courses and credits are recognized for your transfer?

Transfer Admission

Transfer applications can be submitted in both spring and autumn, but most schools and majors recommend autumn enrollment.

For Fall enrollment, the application deadline is generally in March & April. For Spring enrollment, the application deadline is generally in October & November.

The applicant should proceed with preparing the application 1 year in advance of the enrollment time.

Financial arrangements

Is there a greater tuition cost for transferring to a new school than the cost at your current school? Are you financially well-prepared for that cost?

Private U.S. universities have tuition and living expenses that are generally in the $50,000 to $70,000 range per year. Public universities are in the $20,000 to $60,000 range.

Student Testimonials


I was studying in a university in Nanjing for accounting major. IvyBoost helped me apply for a lot of college, and I got accepted by Penn State, Wisconsin, and Purdue. Now I am studying my favorite management  major in Penn State University.


IvyBoost’s testing helped me refresh my understanding of my personality traits and career interests, which I had not done before. Tony guided me on the transfer from math major to business, and I successfully entered Wake Forest University.


I feel uncomfortable at the beginning when I came to the college in the US, which led me to a low GPA. IvyBoost encouraged me not to abandon the pursuit of my own dream, that I need to continue with my favorite major. I was accepted by Cornell and New York University.


I did not get into my dream school during college applications, I really feel regret. IvyBoost Education started my transfer case at the beginning of my study in college. Michelle carefully guided me how to choose the class, application, and personal statements. Finally, I got into my favorite college - Univ. of Southern California.

Use Your Second Chance