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Tony is a member of WACAC, HECA,  NACAC, and IECA and certified on Career Planning and College Admissions Counseling by UC Berkeley. With over 15 years experience serving college application, he is passionate about counseling and helping students. He developed 6-module college admissions planning and visited many colleges and private schools. He is bilingual in Chinese.


Melanie had been a freshman adviser for 19 years when she taught in the Biology Department of Stanford. With two daughters attending boarding schools and selective colleges, she  has great experience counseling families and students. Melanie has a  Ph. D on Molecular Biology and she is a certified on Career Planning and College Admissions Counseling by UC Berkeley.


Lindsay worked as a counselor in several high schools of California and Florida. With a master's degree of counseling, she is loved by her students for her great professional services. She works in admissions, application review and financial aid for Stanford University’s Summer Program. Lindsay is certified on Career Planning and College Admissions Counseling by UC Berkeley.


Nancy earned her Master's degree in Education with an Emphasis in Counseling and Student Personnel. She worked as a college admissions consultant in a private setting for several years before her current work as the Post-Secondary Counselor for a private school. 


Michelle graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in English Literature. While working with high school students on improving their writing, she gained a greater awareness of students’ different approaches to essay-writing and a greater sense of respect for the students’ diversity of opinions on a single text or topic. 

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➔  IvyBoost guides you step by step through the college planning,  application and financial aid process.
➔  IvyBoost offers a selection of 90 Ivy-Class colleges to help save time and easily find the best choice for you.
➔  IvyBoost offers 4 different assessments to identify your strengths and goals.
➔  IvyBoost focuses in-depth on 6 planning modules to prepare you for a successful admission.
➔  IvyBoost’s counselors are certified with the experience to guide all kinds of students.
➔  IvyBoost college counseling services lead 100% of students to a spot at their ideal colleges.

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Not only did they assure me of exceptional results, they also sourced alternative locations that are equally satisfactory. Via enhancing my personal statement and aiding my last attempt at SAT, This is not only a place to advance oneself in college hunting, it builds character and gears up for the future that awaits.---Kai Wen J

Ivy Boost education helped me immensely in the college applications process. Weekly meetings with Tony helped me organize and plan the big picture. He helped me make a list of colleges and narrow it down to the ones that fit me the best. The essay help at Ivy Boost was also phenomenal.---Riya P

I went to Ivyboost for help in the college application process. Ivyboost is a step above the rest because they really try to tailor to each student's needs, looking beyond just tests and scores. As someone who decided on a nontraditional route for most students in my area, Tony and Lindsay, were really attentive and supportive of my own decisions, helping me consider jobs and many summer opportunities.---Sophia Huang

IvyBoost was definitely a step above the rest. The As a first-generation college student, I was lost when it came to the college application process. IvyBoost helped guide me on a path to success.---Simren Kaur