International Student

International Students
Don’t be discouraged by the distance from your education dreams

Service Process

An international student application is a little different from a domestic student

An international student must consider

1. The English proficiency test
Take a test like the TOEFL to show your English skills to schools. Most students usually take this test before even beginning on applications to see if the score can meet the requirements.

2. U.S. Student Visa
If accepted to a U.S. school, the next step for the student is to apply for a visa and complete a visa interview. The instructions for the F-1 visa application process will depend on the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

3. Tuition and Fees
The tuition at a U.S. school will be much higher for international students and financial aid is very limited.


IvyBoost has

➔  Long-term experience in the international education field

➔  Rich resources of American secondary and tertiary institutes all over North America

➔  Offers student visa application guidance and other post-placement services like housing upon request


IvyBoost provides services to international students for

➔  U.S. College Undergraduate programs

➔  Graduate programs

➔  Private High School program

➔  Summer Camp