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A graduate student is any student applying to schools for a program which will help them gain an advanced degree, such as a master’s program or a PhD in fields like business, education, and many others. Let IvyBoost work with you to find your best direction.

About Graduate Applications

➔ A graduate school’s cost is very high, so it is highly important for a student to determine their career interest

➔ The U.S. has many of the world’s leading universities and leads in research for development

➔ The number of graduate students in many top schools in the U.S. usually are greater than the number of undergraduate students

➔ The level of graduate education in the U.S. is outstanding and has helped cultivate countless talents

➔ Graduate education has trained many workers in business, medicine, law, and other professional fields

➔ The reputation of the professional program is more important than the reputation of the university for employers

➔ Some less well-known universities are likely to have the best graduate programs in a certain profession


➔  Academic performance
➔  Activities and hobbies
➔  Professional background
➔  Overall strength
➔  Financial arrangements
➔  Graduate program requirements
➔  Employment opportunity


IvyBoost’s Graduate Application Service Process includes
  1. Assess Graduate Applicant
  2. Confirm Graduate Program Enrollment Time
  3. Create List of Graduate Programs
  4. Test Planning
  5. Review Graduate Application and Materials
  6. Submit Applications
  7. Prepare Interviews
  8. Analyze Graduate Program Results
  9. Make Final Decision
  10. Prepare Graduate Program Arrangements

Application Time Period

The graduate application time period is divided into Spring admission and Fall admission. The majority of applications are submitted for the Fall. Students for Fall admission enroll into school in August or September. Students for the Spring enroll in January or February.

Graduate enrollment is usually divided into several rounds. For example, the first priority deadline for fall admission application is usually in November in the year before the graduate program enrollment. This is followed by a second, third, or fourth round of enrollments.

International students are encouraged to complete their applications before the second round. Students must submit all application materials before the graduate school  application deadline.



I was attending OSU when IvyBoost led me to apply to over 10 top colleges in the U.S. and UK for the Master of Finance Program. IvyBoost helped me define my career interest & goal and edit my resume, short essays, and personal statement to make my

 application worry-free and successful!


Thanks to IvyBoost's help, I was accepted by Stanford and the University of Southern California. Now, I am in the Master of Environment Engineering program in Stanford. In the 1 year period of application, IvyBoost helped me know what is my interest

and my career direction, helped me discover my advantages and disadvantages, helped me make a reasonable list of institutions, and helped me make sure to complete the application materials on time.


I applied for master of engineering. Although I am from a very ordinary engineering college, but I was accepted to Duke, Carnegie Mellon, University of Southern California, UC San Diego, UC Davis, Purdue, George Washington and many  other institutions. I got

many satisfactory results, and I am very grateful to Mr. Tang for his guidance this past year!

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