Successful Stories

Top performance students targeting the most selective colleges


GPA: 4.0

SAT/ACT: 2390

High School: A public high school in California

Activities: Captain water polo, swimming, drama, tutoring, research, Boy Scout.

Overview: A highly motivated and top-performance student with great study
habits and a goal-oriented outlook. Very interested in science and engineering,
but a little weak on humanities and writing.

Result: Admitted to Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UC Berkeley,
UCSD. Received scholarships from Yale-$35k; Duke-$45K; UC Regents Scholarship.

Strategy: Added a drama activity to improve his public speaking and presentation
skills and cultivated a more liberal arts background in addition to his excellence in math
and science. Introduced tutoring to improve his writing skills. Guided him a summer research
activity before senior year, helped him brainstorm and edit essays, which resulted in a
passion-illustrated college application and interview.

Public/private school students need personal guidance


GPA: 4.0

SAT/ACT: 2000

High School: A public school in North Carolina

Activities: piano, clubs, community service

Overview: All A grades, thoughtful and analytical personality, challenging
academic coursework, musically talented. Test scores are not as high as he would
have liked. Confused about major choices for college.

Result: Wake Forest (Early Decision)

Strategy: Student is academically strong but encouraged SAT tutoring to bring
up scores. Brainstormed meaningful essay topics/experiences to make his ED application
stand out. Helped define college majors. Managed timeline for his early decision application
and made sure all materials were completed by the early deadline. Utilized Skype and email
to meet student needs.

Special talent students


GPA: 3.5

SAT/ACT: 2150

High School: A public school in California

Activities: Captain of the dance team, choreographer, gymnast,
extensive community service hours, NHS

Overview: Won multiple awards in dance competitions, talented writer,
outstanding leadership skills, kind and caring personality, socially conscious,
extensive community service hours. Struggled in a science course.

Result: Admitted to NYU, Rutgers ($8K scholarship), UIUC ($10K scholarship),
Fordham, Temple, USF, UCD, UCSB, UCSC, UCR, UCM and more.

Strategy: Utilize her strength in writing to showcase her personality,
experiences and goals in her essays. Apply to colleges with highly regarded performing
arts programs and guide her through supplemental performing arts applications including
auditions, essays, letters of recommendations etc.

Students and families in need of financial aid & scholarship


GPA: 3.8

SAT/ACT: 2400

High School: A public school in California

Activities: Club founder and president,
extensive community service hours, basketball team, NHS, research
experience, tutor

Overview: Outstanding leadership skills, highly determined to
be successful, outgoing personality, extensive community service hours,
high SAT score, challenging academic courses

Result: Admitted to Johns Hopkins ($20K scholarship), Vanderbilt
(full tuition scholarship), Washington University (St. Louis), Loyola Marymount
(full ride scholarship), UCB, UCSB, UCSD (UC Regents scholarship)

Strategy: Identify colleges with top programs in chosen field
of study. Focus on leadership and unique experiences in the essays and
refine essays to make the applicant stand out.

New immigrant/international Students


GPA: 3.95

SAT/ACT: 2360

High School: A public high school in California

Activities: Model UN, Social Entrepreneur Society, SANE, Lovee,
Best Foot Forward, golf varsity, homeless shelter, book donation

Overview: A very motivated immigrant student with great study habits,
very active in learning and life, and goal oriented. A little bit confused
future career interest, had great language talent and foundation, yet was in
need of work to be better.

Result: Admitted to Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Tufts, Boston College,
Wellesley College, George Washington, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, and UCSD
Received scholarships: Tufts-$5K ; GWU-$15K; UC Regents Scholarship.
A National Merit Scholarship Finalist.

Strategy: Guided her to choose a curriculum to fit into her academic
profile and build up confidence and top performance. Guided her extracurricular
activities, which included her as a founder of one student club. Helped her define
interest in international relations and her active involvement in the Model UN.
Consistently worked on her English to achieve impressive scores. Set up goals
clearly and watched her progress closely.