College Planning

College Planning
Early Planning Brings Better Results!

Seldom do people realize that admission to a selective college is more of a long-term process than an instant result. With our professional consultants and services guiding you step-by-step through the process, we can help you achieve your goals.

Service Process

➔  Student takes assessments

➔  A  personalized plan is created to work with 6 Modules planning curriculum

➔  Student meets regularly with designated consultant to guide student from step by step 


IvyBoost’s College Planning includes:

➔ 4 Personal Assessments
➔ 6 Planning Modules including everything you need to prepare for college admissions
➔ 90 Ivy Class Colleges
➔ A designated consultant with the experience to guide all kinds of students

Student Testimonials

“The pursuit of the dream school may seem like a thousand miles away when starting the tedious application process. Maybe that is why it is called a “dream” college. However, the struggle of applying and finding the right fit, ideally and financially, is greatly lessened by the stellar services provided by the folks at IvyBoost.”  –Kai J.

“My mentor at IvyBoost really gave me the guidance, structure, and confidence I needed to succeed with my college application. Self-help books help, but they don’t provide the type of advice and guidance a mentor can. Trust me, I now know myself: Erica sectioned my college application process into manageable chunks with to-do lists and deadlines, helped provide information and inspiration for my essay topics, and most importantly, gave me tangible and applicable feedback and advice for my essays. Erica had me focused on the task and kept the entire process endurable-and really, that’s mostly what you need when you’re applying.” – Henry L.

“Out of all of the college counseling options I considered, IvyBoost was definitely a step above the rest. The individualized program is tailored to each student and Tony really knows what he’s talking about. As a first-generation college student, I was lost when it came to the college application process. IvyBoost helped guide me on a path to success.”– Simren K.

“I started working with Tony immediately after I moved to Fremont from China. It is fair to say that my entire high school career would not have been the same and as successful and fulfilling if I hadn’t worked with IvyBoost. In my freshman year, I was all but conscious of what I wanted to do in college and beyond, or even what direction I would like to pursue in high school at all. Tony encouraged me to explore and find my own unique path, because IvyBoost’s principal is to provide each student with customized counseling and guidance without expecting them to adopt a one-size-fits-all counseling plan. As a result of this intimate and high-efficiency environment of IvyBoost, I was able to see tremendous growth in myself not only academically but also as a person over the past 4 years.” – Camilla

“IvyBoost is a truly exceptional place to seek college counseling and application help. The staff is very well-versed and professional, and the atmosphere is quiet and productive. Karen is very attentive and caring to her students, and her essay edits are the best! Definitely come here!” —Eric J.

“The work Lindsay, Karen, and Tony have done with my son is exceptional. They are always accommodating and tirelessly helping him get through the college process. They help him at each and every step and without any doubt, I can say that I would recommend IvyBoost.” — Jatinder K.

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