College Application

College Application
Fulfill Your Dream College!

Out of more than 3,000 U.S. colleges and universities, IvyBoost has used its accumulated years of experience and expertise to identify and recommend 90 top schools to our students. These schools include private universities and public colleges, comprehensive colleges and liberal arts colleges, competing with the tradition of excellence found in the Ivy League.

Service Process

An experienced counselor will guide you through these 10 steps for the IvyBoost College Application Process
  1. Assess Applicant
  2. Create Colleges List
  3. Choose Decision Plan
  4. Edit Essays
  5. Review Applications
  6. Apply for Financial Aid
  7. Prepare interviews
  8. Secure offers
  9. Make final decision
  10. Prepare for college


IvyBoost’s College Application Service includes

➔ 4 Personal Assessments
➔ 10-step Application Process
➔ 90 Ivy Class Colleges
➔ 100% Record of College Placement

Student Testimonials

“The counselor was very organized, flexible, and active in application process. He was there when I needed and was with me every step of the way.“ – Winny C.

“I hired Tony’s services for my son’s college selection and application process needs. My son was one of those many high school seniors yet to decide on their career path. Tony measured my son’s personality by using standard techniques and gave him enough data to narrow down his options. Then helped him with list of colleges to apply. I would say, Tony’s guidance really eased lot of stress for my son (and me as a parent) as there is someone to monitor the application deadlines, review the applications, edit the essays and periodically follow up on all pending action items. Though it was supposed to be once a week consulting session, Tony accommodated all extra session requests with in short notice and of course for no extra fees. His team even helped with essay editing on holidays (I remember it was Thanksgiving). He did not try to rush the decision making process. Though it is not in my package, Tony offered his help for my son’s college visit to Purdue in case if I cannot do that. I have no doubt in believing that Tony and his team have student’s very best interest as their priority. All the best to Tony and IvyBoost team.”                  —Maruthi N.

“Out of all of the college counseling options I considered, IvyBoost was definitely a step above the rest. The individualized program is tailored to each student and Tony really knows what he’s talking about. As a first-generation college student, I was lost when it came to the college application process. IvyBoost helped guide me on a path to success.” – Simren K.

“Ivy Boost helped my son w planning his essays and based on his personality they selected a list of universities he would be comfortable with. They even spent weekends at all hours to fit his schedule. We had a very dedicated counselor.He is doing great at a private college which was ideal as the classes were small so he could get to know his professors and interact and because of the attention managed to get great grades.” —Sharon S.

“I have been accepted to: UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, Occidental, Pomona, Boston College, Northeastern, Santa Clara, and Georgetown. I’m super happy and thanks Melanie and IvyBoost so much for helping me because I’m sure you played a large part in me being accepted to so many great colleges. ” –Sharon H.