Getting into a dream college is complicated and working your own way is hard. Wouldn’t it be great to have a mentor lead you step by step with confidence?

Admission Results



California Institute of Tech | USC | Harvey Mudd | Santa Clara | UC Berkeley | UCLA | UCSD | UCSB
Scholarships: UC Regents $6,000 x 4 Years | Santa Clara Johnson $40,000 x 4 Years



Yale | Dartmouth | Duke | Johns Hopkins | UCLA
Scholarships: Yale Scholarship | Duke Scholarship | JHU Scholarship | Dean’s Merit | UC Regents Award



Johns Hopkins | Washington U | Vanderbilt | Boston College | LMU | UC Berkeley | UCSD | UCSB
Scholarships: LMU Full Ride | Vanderbilt Full Tuition x 4 Years | Johns Hopkins $20,000 x 4 Years | UC Regents



Johns Hopkins | Georgetown | Tufts | Wellesley | Boston College | George Washington | UC Berkeley | UCLA | UCSB | UCSD
Scholarships: UC Regents $6,000 x 4 Years | George Washington $25,000 x 4 Years



NYU | Boston University | UCI | UCR | SDSU | CSULB



Brown | Cornell | USC | UC Berkeley | UCLA | UC Davis | UCSD Scholarships: UC Regents $6,000 x 4 Years | USC $20,000 x 4 Years

Student Testimonials

I went to Ivyboost for help in the college application process. Even starting in sophomore year, Ivyboost slowly starts priming their students for the college application process, through personality tests and in depth considerations for the student’s interests and personalities. I think that Ivyboost is a step above the rest because they really try to tailor to each student’s needs, looking beyond just tests and scores. As someone who decided on a nontraditional route for most students in my area, my counselors, Tony and Lindsay, were really attentive and supportive of my own decisions. Both of them also offered insight and help beyond just college, helping me also consider jobs and many summer volunteer opportunities. They also give honest and helpful advice on writing college essays, and always offered their email address if I had any questions between meetings.-Sophia

“Around this time last year, we were the worried parents of a confused and scared 16 year old. We were unsure about our child’s future, had no idea how to wade through the college applications…actually we didn’t even know where to start. As for Kajal, I’m sure she was nervous and apprehensive too, her biggest fear being ‘Will I get into a good college?’ Lindsay, ever since she started her sessions with you, we could see her confidence in herself growing. You guided her (and us) through all the application hurdles, gave us your time, answering our numerous questions and allaying our fears. When Kajal’s acceptances started coming in, our joy literally knew no bounds. Today, she has these great opportunities ahead of her, and we thank you for your guidance. I guess, I can say, my biggest reward was when a near stranger stopped me at a store and asked me which school Kajal had picked…she knew of all her choices only because she had attended IvyBoost’s seminar & had seen Kajal portrayed as one of your success stories! So thank you, once again!” – Divya

“It is an unforgettable life time experience to work with IvyBoost and my mentor Tony. As first generation immigrants, my parents and I really do not know about college and financial aid applications. My mentor Tony has been very patient and well prepared to guide me on the applications step by step. His response is always immediate whenever I have questions. The more touching part is that he consulted like an old-time friend or a family member with the most sincere and practical advices. He has been always supportive and continues to help me even after the contracted service is done. IvyBoost’s counseling is just like a lighthouse to guide me to the right port – I get in my favorite UC with $21000 grant and $10000 loans.” –Brenda W.

“I was accepted to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine and USC for public health or nursing program. I am happy about the result and thanks for IvyBoost’s great help on my college application.” – Cherry L.

“I started working with Tony immediately after I moved to Fremont from China. It is fair to say that my entire high school career would not have been the same and as successful and fulfilling if I hadn’t worked with IvyBoost. In my freshman year, I was all but conscious of what I wanted to do in college and beyond, or even what direction I would like to pursue in high school at all. Tony encouraged me to explore and find my own unique path, because IvyBoost’s principal is to provide each student with customized counseling and guidance without expecting them to adopt a one-size-fits-all counseling plan. As a result of this intimate and high-efficiency environment of IvyBoost, I was able to see tremendous growth in myself not only academically but also as a person over the past 4 years.” – Camilla


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